Marisa Murrow
Artist Statement:
Here All Sadness Ends

Inspired by my frequent visits to the coast, my subject matter revolves around calm waters, lush hillsides, and the relaxing boat rides I observed while sitting at the Wedge in Newport Beach,CA (a popular surf spot). I create compositions that are filled with a sense of adventure and human connectivity; isolated moments of time celebrating the adventures of escape.

The canvas is filled with abstract planes of color and texture that invite the viewer to focus on the construction of the composition itself. The houses in the distance are often devoid of detail becoming blocks of color that reduce the subject matter to a symbolic structure. Perhaps it is representative of my painting style itself, which is meticulous with the formal issues of image construction. Recalling the work of Fairfield Porter, David Hockney, and Slim Aarons my work speaks of a time and place which exists somewhere between memory and reality.

Artist Statement:
Portrait of a Mobile Home Park

I paint the stuff people want to omit from their oceanfront properties; trailers, telephone wires, trash cans and rooftops. The visual rhythm of each trailer is designed to be a collection of abstract paintings of contemporary thought. I begin with a thin wash of color allowing it to peek though to define edges of trees and sides of structures. This color also lends temperature to the work, reflecting the heat Los Angeles experiences year round.

Trailer parks are commonly perceived as gritty, unpretentious and rather low income means of shelter. The trailers depicted in this body of work face the Pacific Ocean like a captive audience, worshipping the waves and sun. The viewer is offered a delightful protest to the endless search for connection to nature in this excessively materialistic setting. With the ocean at their front door for free, these homes on wheels need not roll away anytime soon.