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One Fine Day-SOLD-Commission-
oil on canvas
20" x 24"

While my client was vacationing in La Jolla, California he asked me if I had more paintings like his art collector friend had in her home. He told me how much he liked the cloudy Bay Area Sky hanging over this geometric neighborhood of beach cottages. I love the way you put all that color in the palm trees too, he told me. So many details packed in there, I am a stock broker from San Francisco and I appreciate articulate line work and detail...I want to commission you to make my own oil painting of this glorious beach front property.
I worked for hours getting the cloudy sky to feel alive; the mobile homes to move in a cubist pattern across the landscape adding hints of American life like the surfer and the beach cruiser. Once the painting was dry, it was packed up and shipped to Miami Beach, home of Art Basel, Pulse Contemporary Art Fair and Scope Art Fair among others.I was relieved to hear it was in his possession. The outpouring of excitement from my new art collector filled me with joy and thrilling relief.